Carolina Savard's Kath and the Ghosts of Hesbaye Manor

A gloomy secret at Nouzonville awaits for you. A young girl can change everything and you will be the witness of a battle between good and evil, all for the loved one. After all, love can overcome the limits between life and death.

(C) 2018-2022 Carolina Savard / Landesfes Ediciones.

Love Beyond Death

Experience the mysteries of a mansion that encloses a gloomy secret. For the very first time under an English translation, Kath and the Ghosts of Hesbaye Manor will haunt your heart.

Carolina Savard has put her trust on LIGHTBULB Atelier for making a connection among English-speaking readers be possible.

This is a work-in-progress with no defined deadline yet. A digital publication of the English translation will be coming soon on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and soon afterwards in paperback format.

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