Everything starts with LIGHTBULB Communications

Every book, illustration, audiovisual and musical project of LIGHTBULB Atelier started with a set of in-house tools, gathered through several open and closed source components. This is LIGHTBULB Communications 5.0, our newest suite.

Based on our latest experience with Kath and the Ghost of Hesbaye Manor, the former toolset Wavybreeze Grand Studio was restructured to integrate the already-existing audiovisual tools with drawing/authoring tools.


(C) 2018-2023 LIGHTBULB Atelier, a Nicolas Bahamondes brand.

Record. Cut. Draw. Write. Be.

The Creative process at LIGHTBULB Atelier goes around four core fields: illustration, audiovisual production, content distribution and authoring. Communications 5.0 pretends to provide solutions for these fields, everything unified under a main tasks panel.

Drawings and illustrations are covered by SYSTEMAX's Paint Tool SAI for former projects from 2014-2017 and FireAlpaca for those from 2018 onwards.

For the audiovisual productions we trust on the solidness of FiLMiC Pro. Postproduction and enhancements are done under VEGAS and VirtualDub with Neat Video.

Content distribution optimizes and provides LIGHTBULB's content for the masses from the raws. Winnydows and Pazera technology covers it.

For our newest authoring field, we use Scrivener's technology. The LIGHTBULB Standard Workflow template provides the scaffold for starting with no delays.
  Old and New. Covered.

In previous iterations of Wavybreeze Grand Studio, support for old systems based on x86 architecture were deprecated. Under the belief that every computer can do its part in the creative process, LIGHTBULB Communications was repurposed to include support for modern x64 systems and vintage x86 deployments as well.


LIGHTBULB Communications is a private suite and not intended for distribution to third-parties. Access to portions or the whole tools to third-parties is assessed in a per-basis case.


This is LIGHTBULB Atelier
A Nicolas Bahamondes brand.

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